ELDJARISSI service apres vente

After sales sevices

Djarissi Motors Company has implemented a maintenance program divided into two parts: preventive maintenance and curative maintenance. The groups sold by our company benefit from an after-sales service according to the warranty period agreed with the customer and calculated according to a calendar or an hourly volume. As soon as the first threshold is reached, the final acceptance of the product is pronounced.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is in turn subdivided into 4 operations: it consists of working on a generating set before it fails, in order to try to prevent the breakdown. We intervene preventively, either for operational safety reasons (the consequences of a failure are unacceptable), or for economic reasons (it is less expensive) or sometimes practical (the generating set is not available for maintenance only at specific times

ELDJARISSI service apres vente
Systematic maintenance

It designates the operations carried out systematically, either according to a schedule (at a fixed time interval), or according to a regular interval (hours of operation, etc.).

Condition monitoring

It is carried out following readings, measurements, controls revealing the state of degradation of the equipment.

Predictive maintenance

It is carried out following an analysis of the evolution of the state of degradation of the generating set, the generator or the accessories of the set.

Palliative maintenance

It consists of a repair (therefore temporary) of the equipment which makes it possible to ensure all or part of a required function; however, it must be followed by curative action as soon as possible.

Curative (corrective) maintenance

It consists in intervening on faulty equipment. This requires major repair work on this equipment to be carried out in our workshops. After its repair, it is checked on a test bench.

Various methods make it possible to improve the planning and scheduling of maintenance actions.

Level 1

- Works: Simple adjustments – no dismantling or opening.
- Location: On site. - Personnel: Generator operator. (Operator trained in this sense).
- Example: Resetting a PLC after an emergency stop.

Level 2

- Works: Troubleshooting by standard exchange - minor preventive maintenance operations
- Location: On site
- Staff: Authorized technician.
- Example: Changing a relay - checking fuses - resetting a circuit breaker

Level 3

- Works: Identification and diagnosis of faults - repair by standard exchange - minor mechanical repairs - preventive maintenance (eg adjustment or realignment of measuring devices)
- Location: On site or in a maintenance workshop
- Staff: Specialized technician from El Djarissi Motors Company.
- Example: Identification of the faulty element, search for the cause, elimination of the cause, replacement.

ELDJARISSI service apres vente
ELDJARISSI service apres vente
Level 4

- Works: Major corrective or preventive maintenance work except renovation and reconstruction - adjustment of measuring devices - control of standards
- Location: El Djarissi Motors Company specialized workshops with general tools, test benches, measurement, documentation.
- Personnel : Equipe avec encadrement technique spécialisé de la société El Djarissi Motors Company.
- Example: Intervention on equipment whose return to service is subject to qualification

Level 5

- Works: Renovation – reconstruction – major repairs
- Location: El Djarissi Motors Company workshops.
- Personnel: Specialized technicians (qualified from El Djarissi Motors Company).
- Example: Compliance with heavy equipment regulations, (Manufacturers' standards.)